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Tuesday, August 15, 2000

Welcome to BrainMania™

The Hip Place on the Internet to Get Smart. If you think finding help on the Internet for school related subjects is impossible, think again. Why? Because BrainMania provides free personal help for all your school subjects. Volunteers have gathered from around the world to help you. Most questions answered in under 24 hours.

Homework Help, Without the Fuss

Free homework help to all Internet users, by Internet users. A great way to get help for almost every school subject. It might sound crazy, but we have been following this philosophy for years.

BrainMania is the resource for homework help. No question goes unanswered via our "ask a question" feature. MessageBoards & Chatrooms are for open discussion for which you may wish to get multiple answers for, or just discuss what is on your mind.

Volunteers Needed

BrainMania is looking for volunteers to share knowledge in helping out our students. Join our staff of hundreds of volunteers and make some fellow netizens smile. For more information on volunteering read our volunteer FAQ.

Today in History


Riot in San Francisco celebrating end of World War II. South Korea liberated from Japanese rule.


The Congo (Brazzaville) gains its independence.


The Woodstock Festival begins (Peace Man).

And Don't Forget...

Independence Day, celebrated in the Congo.

Liberation Day, celebrated in South Korea.

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